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Praia do Xai Xai

Mozambique is justifiably famous in Africa for its cuisine. With its long coastline and rich fishing grounds, it's no wonder that many of its famous dishes revolve around fresh seafood. The colonial history of the Portuguese is also seen in the use of spices such as chilli the fiery Peri Peri chicken.
Blue Dolphin.jpg

The Blue Dolphin


• Feel at home in our child friendly and affordable restaurant and festive bar.

• Serves:  Prawns (when freshly available), Fish, Chicken, Pizzas (base made fresh every day and cooked in a wood fired oven), Dagwood burgers, Peri-peri chicken livers.

• To pre-order call the restaurant directly -  (00258) 848408388


Cafe Pescador IMG_0720.jpg

       Cafe Péscador

  • Reef Resort’s fishing boat brings in the wonderful fresh daily catch from the rich ocean just meters away from the spacious 60-seater, double-storey restaurant.


  • Fresh prawns, crayfish & calamari and the abundant ‘pantry’ of seasonal sub-tropical fruit and vegetables, including home grown herbs and vegetables, Café Pescador offers a unique dining experience.

Tel (00258) 849 729 868


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